Sunday, October 13, 2013


it's so hard to remain positive sometimes.

you may remember in one of my recent blog entries i talked a little about being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis - RA.  i was happy and sad about being diagnosed.  happy because now we know what's wrong with me and can try to treat it to alleviate the symptoms.  sad because i don't want to be on an immune suppressor forever.  or even not forever.

now that my rheumy knows how advanced my RA is thanks to the ultrasound, she wanted to start me on medication.  we discussed it on friday over the phone.  i'm going to take methotrexate and a folic acid supplement.  she also warned me to use two forms of contraception because you do NOT want to get pregnant on methotrexate (i let her know that isn't a problem any longer).  dr. rheumy called in the prescriptions and i figured i'd pick them up on saturday.  just didn't feel like it on friday.

of course, i started googling things.  and i probably shouldn't have.  but i found out that methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug.  it's used to treat people with cancer.  it's a cancer drug.  do you get it?  because i didn't at first.  i kept checking other websites, thinking that one must be wrong.

it's.  a.  chemo.  drug.

i started checking some RA message boards to find out people's experiences with methotrexate.  people on a lower/similar does than i'm going to take have lost their hair.

i kept searching for info.  i found an excellent website called RA warrior.  with an info page that says the day you're diagnosed with RA, your mortality risk doubles.  it also says that studies show people with RA have a 10-15 year SHORTER lifespan.

so, i was starting to get a little depressed.  i mean, more than normal.

i knew that RA was a serious disease, but i thought it was just, like, a disease.  like you take pills and you exercise and everything will be fine.  i didn't think that it was this far reaching.

i should have.  it's an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.  yes, RA specifically seems to attack the joints.  but it's your own immune system attacking your body.  other body parts can be involved; it is a whole-body disease.

i'm terrified of taking my first dose.  i was thinking about putting it off indefinitely.  i thought about going and getting rip roaring drunk tonight and then taking the pills another day (i haven't drank in almost 9 months).  i thought about saying 'fuck it' and just dealing with it.

until awesome husband @_antgas said something along the lines of 'and be in a wheelchair by the time you're 40'.

oh, well then.  good point, i suppose.

so after the walking dead premier tonight (if i make it through it because i've been quite sleepy) i'll be taking my first dose of methotrexate.  i'm trying to stay positive and trying to focus on the good, but it's been pretty hard.  most people say the first day or two (or four for some people) after taking the methotrexate are bad - it's hard to get out of bed, eat, bathe, anything.  here's hoping it's not too bad for me.  maybe the worrying will be worse than the actual side effects.


  1. Sending you love and strength and determination to take that first dose. I know it has to be scary. I'm an OA patient and haven't for sure been ruled out for having RA. It's scary stuff. Thinking of you.

  2. Fucking health problems. We take our immune systems for granted until the bastards turn on us. My thoughts are with you.

  3. OH man..that is rough. I am wishing you's to hoping it goes into total remission

  4. hey darlin',

    This sucks. It SUCKS. because in order to get BETTER, you are going to have to take a non-natural substance that makes you feel WORSE. please tell me how that's medicine. are so lucky to have awesome husband to be the person who points out the Big Picture. That this shitty today might get you through to a hundred more tomorrows.

    Have hope. Have faith. Have some broccoli. (What?! Broccoli always helps me when I'm feeling down.) And have plenty of ears to vent. Because change sucks, and RA is not fair, not the least bit fair, and intentionally putting poisons in your body in the name of healthcare is enough to make anyone scream. I'm sorry you have to force yourself through this. But I'm proud of you for writing out and acknowledging your feelings and your frustration. Because you can either acknowledge that THIS FUCKING SUCKS or you can lie to yourself and spin yourself some fairy tale. So good for you for calling that bullshit like you see it, love. It's a hell of a lot more than most could do.

    1. thanks nick :) broccoli makes me feel better too.