Friday, October 4, 2013

vinegar... who knew?

i mean, i'm sure like our grandmothers or great grandmothers knew.  before all the chemicals, before all the clorox and windex and scrubbing bubbles, vinegar was the go to cleaner.

and with so many people looking for ways to cut chemicals from their lives, it's regaining popularity.  you can't read a green or eco-cleaning blog without wanting to run out and grab a bottle.  i started with a small bottle, then a larger one, and now am planning on buying it by the gallon.

right now, i'm cleaning my dishwasher (yes, i know) with two cups of vinegar on the top rack.  it's supposed to clean and freshen it.  i checked for crap first, and then i rubbed the sides and seals with a vinegary rag.  especially that crease at the bottom where the door closes - there was a ton of shit stuck in there.

i've also been using it in place of a fabric softener.  i put about 1/4 cup in the fabric softener spot in the washing machine at the laundromat.  my clothes do not come out smelling like vinegar, but fresh and soft.  i'm still having some static issues with my sheets and towels, but i'm working on fixing that... but that's another blog.

i've also found some recipes for more natural cleaning options.  i had been buying meyer's cleaning products (an all purpose/counter cleaner and a scrubbing powder).  they are pricey.  i've been researching ways to make countertop cleaners with vinegar and essential oils.  so i can just buy a spray bottle and mix up my spray cleanser.  need more scrubbing power?  sprinkle some baking soda on the surface, spray a bit of the cleanser, and scrub away.

awesome husband @_antgas has put his foot down with a firm hand about dishwashing soaps though.  he wants to keep using store bought stuff.  i figure it's a good compromise - i'm making our laundry soap, using vinegar as a softer, incorporating it into our cleaning routine.  it's going to save money and the environment (or so i'm told).

now, why am i doing all of this?  once we started trying to eat cleaner, i realized how many chemicals we are surrounding ourselves with and depositing in the water table.  it started with laundry soap - and when we realized how well it worked and how little it cost, we were sold.  i learned about the chemicals that are deposited on our clothes when we use dryer sheets, and i stopped using them immediately.  the other hold outs are scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner - i purchased a four pack on sale at costco, and omg it works so well - and rug cleaner.  three cats vomit up hairballs and whatnot.  i need to be able to clean that out of our rented apartment carpets.

oh, and i bought professional chemical-filled upholstery cleaner for the car.  but i had pee on my passenger seat.  so fuck that.

but where will we draw the line?  i've already found one line - personal care products.  i love my shampoos.  i love my dove soap.  i love my makeup and my face cleansers and i don't know how well all natural stuff will work.  most of my makeup is organic and/or hypoallergenic and what not.  i'm in love with tarte stuff with amazonian clay.  as far as face cleansers, some people swear by nice, gentle cetaphil for cleansing, witch hazel for toner, and olive or coconut oil for moisturizing.  i'm not there yet.

anyway, my father revbobdad says i'm turing into a big, crunchy, fucking hippie.  i don't think that's quite true, but we are trying to live healthier.  it's all about balance.  another thing i won't change - cat litter.  i don't care how dusty or unnatural or whateverthefuck my cat litter is - it clumps, my cat's don't hate it, and it absorbs odors.  no discussion there.

i even bought label thingies that i can print for my stuff.  i can make or find pretty labels and print them out on my printer and slap them on my laundry soap container and my spray stuff and omg i'm so excited!  it is possible that laundry soap may show up on my holiday gift lists because it's eco-friendly, wallet friendly, and personal.  i've also had a strange urge to crochet.  mostly because i saw this:

image from  omg so cute!

then, of course, i found other things.  like little crocheted cats and squids and omfg i have no idea what i'd do with all these tiny crocheted animals but i want them all.

so, anyway.  i'm busy doing absolutely nothing.  just cleaning with vinegar, assaulting pinterest, and considering learning how to crochet.  you know, the usual.


  1. And so your mind seems to fly all over the place like mine does. Fun, isn't it?

  2. @middle child - it does. it just seems to go where ever it wants and strange things just pop up whenever.

  3. I gave up shampoo around two months ago and have been using baking soda instead. I also rinse with apple cider vinegar and water once or twice a week. It's working out awesome!

  4. I am a big fan of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. And cetaphil rocks - but I can't get on board with olive/coconut oil. Give me the stuff with wrinkle fighting chemicals,thank you very much.

  5. @ragemichelle - i can't give up shampoo again. i used wen for a while and it's just... i can't. i dye my hair and i need color safe.

    @vesta vayne - i'm excited to try it. i think i have one more round of cleaning with what's left of the meyer's and then we'll be onto vinegar. awesome husband wants me to make it lemony scented. because 'lemon smells clean'. according to him.