Tuesday, February 4, 2014

cookies and pizza. yum.

today is probably one of my worst rheumatoid disease days yet.

i am calling it rd, rheumatoid disease, now.  i think that using the word arthritis gives people the wrong idea.  it's not 'just arthritis'.  

i participated in a twitter chat last weekend (#rheum).  it was kind of nice to see other people have the same questions, concerns, and feelings that i do.  it's always nice to have your feelings validated.

but today i woke up with so much hand pain.  my hips hurt, my head hurts, my ankles and feet hurt.  but OHMYFUCKINGGODS my hands.  my fingers, my wrists, my knuckles.  all of it.  

in happy news, yesterday a tiny person and her mother knocked on my apartment door looking to sell girl scout cookies.  YES PLEASE.  but $4 a box?  when i was a brownie selling cookies for the first time, they were $1.50 a box.  guess i'm older than i thought i was.  two boxes each of thin mints (for awesome husband @_antgas), samosa, and savannah smiles.  i love lemon flavored things.

it snowed a bunch yesterday.  the roads weren't too bad today, and it got warm enough that some of the snow melted.  but yesterday it snowed on top of snow left over from last week's snow storm.  oh, and it's going to snow again overnight tonight.  so when i wake up tomorrow morning, there will be snow from three snow storms piled up all over the place.  amazing.  and it's barely february.  we have months of this shit left.  my birthday is mid-march, and i was born during a blizzard.  i've had to cancel or change birthday plans numerous times because of snow.  fuck.

i wish i had something more useful to say.  i went to my internship today, i remembered to eat, i voided my bladder numerous times.  i'm feeling sleepy and achy and lazy now, and i'm planning on ordering pizza for dinner and crying.


  1. I have a bit of arttritis but I do know that R.A.is sooo much worse! Hope things calm down a bit soon.
    Go ahead and cry. It's carthartic. Just don't cry on your pizza. Itt's salty enough.
    As far as being old. Um, when I sold girl scout cookies...theywere 50 cents a box. And you have no idea how yummy the thin mints were. They melted in your mouth. None of this waxy crap.

    1. yumm i love thin mints. i know what you mean by waxy though. i remember there were always different cookies. it's always been thin mints, do-si-dos, samoas, trefoils, tagalongs... but then they add in different ones. and how come other places have different ones? in florida they had lemonades - shortbread cookies with lemon icing. so good and lemony. in new york we don't have those, we have savannah smiles - still yummy and lemony. and if you check the website, there are so many others! dulce de leche, thank you berry much, chocolate chip shortbread... ugh not fair. i remember one of my favorites was the lemon chalet cremes, a lemon cream filled sandwich cookie.