Monday, April 7, 2014

life goes on

sorry i've been a bit absent.  i've been a bit busy.

piglet's in the hospital overnight.  she'll be having dental surgery tomorrow.  i went to a veterinary dentist and it was worse than my old vet thought.

i say old vet because i won't be going back there.

on the happy news side, i was offered a job.  the place i've been interning got the approval for me to do billable work and wants me to start working like now.  so i'll be working 19 hours a week as a paid employee and doing about 10 hours a week as an intern.  once my intern hours are done in june, i'll just work the 19 hours a week.  and that's fine by me.

i'll post with more info once i figure everything out.  piglet will be having surgery in the morning and i'll be going to my internship to sign the paperwork to get paid.  lots ob mixed emotions right now.

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