Friday, April 11, 2014

what a week.

it's just been up and down.

piglet had her surgery tuesday morning and is home recuperating.  her four canine teeth looked like 'swiss cheese' according to the vet dentist, so all four were removed.  two of her premolars have been resorbed.  the vet dentist says piglet does have feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, and it may end up affecting other teeth in the future.  we're waiting for biopsy results from the gum tissue; should have them by monday.

i've had a rough week feelings and pain-level wise.  i'm more swollen than i've ever been, and i'm in as much pain as i've ever been.  the methotrexate (chemo) does not seem to be helping yet, but it's only been two weeks since i've restarted the medication.  and i took my first shot of humira a week and a half ago, with no results as of yet.

it would be nice to not always feel like shit.  i remember when i got my gallbladder out, i was shocked to realize how much it was affecting my digestion and tummy and stuff.  i'm kind of hoping the same thing happens - i wake up one day and my rheumatoid disease is being successfully treated and i'm no longer in this much fucking pain all the time.

we'll see.

have a good weekend :)


  1. I'm sure Piglet must feel so much better with the bad teeth out. Both of my cats have almost all their teeth removed.

    I have a friend who went on methotrexate and it took her a little bit but it did make a big difference for her. I hope it works for you.

    1. piglet seems to feel much better. of course, now her eye is acting up (herpes-related). so we have to treat that with drops. she's probably so sick of us (wo)manhandling her.

      i was on methotrexate for almost six months but had to stop for 5 weeks because of an upper respiratory infection. now i'm waiting for it to kick in again. it didn't help a lot, but it helped a little. and i'll take what i can get.