Wednesday, July 21, 2010

and on the seventh day, i sewed again

so it seems my new thing is taking wednesdays off from 'normal work' and doing 'fun work' all day, like sewing. since i'd like sewing and selling the things i sew to be my 'real' job at some point in time, it makes sense to devote some time every week to designing and creating new stuff.

of course, that means i now have a bunch of completed bags sitting in plastic, waiting for someone to buy them. and a fuckload of material that i can't WAIT to make into things. and i will. soon. i hope.

anyway, i slept late today and decided to make a cheesy delicious omelet when i finally did drag my ass out of bed. and then i got down to sewing. that went on for a couple of hours, while i listened to all my new found glory albums and drank a liter of diet crack... ergh, coke. then i was off to the farmer's market at cagan crossings, the apartment complex i used to live at.

well. 'farmer's market' is a very, very generous term. there were maybe six stalls set up, and only two of them were selling any fruits or veg. there was a soy candle booth (good idea, setting up your candle booth OUTSIDE in FLORIDA in JULY), a shave ice booth (which means all i could think about for hours was the sealab 2021 episode where marcos comes back and tells his story about selling shave ice), something about jams and preserves, someone who made something that had to do with shells? and i think that was it. i don't remember if there was another stall. oh, wait. glass things. like glass tiles and bead things and whatnot. ah hah.

and there weren't even any red peppers to be had. damn it.

but i did get four HUGE tomatoes, two green peppers, and a beautiful eggplant for $5. i really wanted red peppers since we're all so into roasted red peppers recently, but i'll live. so i decided with my new found veg that i should make a new recipe tonight. i went to, which is my go-to recipe site, and entered 'chicken', 'tomatoes', and 'green bell peppers' into their ingredient search.

and a bunch of fucking ridiculousness came up. stuffed peppers. arroz con pollo. mexican rice.. really? chili soup (wtf?). and finally, chicken cacciatore. which i've never made, but had everything on hand to complete for dinner. and ended up rocking. i changed the recipe, mais ouis, because that is how i roll. it is. seriously, that is just how i roll.

everyone was pleased. i have now added it to my rotation of delicious food i can make and make well, that i will serve regularly.

or, as regularly as the ingredients go on sale. i do not appreciate paying $5 a pound for fucking chicken breasts.

and then, we were going to put the veg in the car, when we noticed the recently opened jewish deli. like kosher. glatt kosher. so we decided to stop in.

i don't appreciate paying $18 a pound for pastrami, but we did pick up some very delicious black and white cookies, and a potato knish that i really can't wait to eat. they had some beautiful meat in there, make matzo ball soup daily, and apparently supply kosher meals to one of our local dinner show, arabian nights. which seems to be like medieval times, but with... arabian times? there's a pirate one too.

you have no idea what it's like where we live.

the moral of this blog? someone tell me when red peppers are in season.

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