Thursday, July 15, 2010

flattery or theivery?

okay, so i was reading up on the blogs i follow today and came across some interesting terms and ideas.

first i have to give credit to una over at http://http// aka 'the sassy curmudgeon. she blogged today about a term she's trying to coin that i just have to get out there:

googlebation: the act of self-googling. when you search yourself on google. love it. she mentioned that she found her old wedding website online when she googlebated today. that got me thinking about three things:

  • wonder how long awesome husband and i have been married?
  • wonder what happens when i googlebate?
  • wonder why i can't come up with any cute, witty, or inspiring word to coin?
so i googlebated. and it was wonderful. i found out that there are others with my married name who teach pilates and run a convention center. i found that there is a woman whose name is ALMOST the same as my maiden last name (missing one letter) who was very athletic at dakota state uni.

when i put it all together and google my full, hyphenated name... it shows COMMENTS i've left on certain facebook pages. huh.

not like MY page. i don't have it googleable. but like a comment i left on billy joel's fb page. and one from the national gay and lesbian task force's page. oh, and an amazon review i wrote about duralactin l-lysine supplement for felines. o_O

so. not very interesting. but i did learn from my old webpage that awesome husband and i have been married for 2106 days.

i also was catching up with annah's blog at i am single handedly blaming her for my new found desire for 'famosity'. (see? even she has her own cute word. damn it.) she was recently BONed (blogger of note) and has about a gazillion followers now. (you should also be one.) today annah posted 'twenty things you probably don't care to know about me but i will tell you anyway because i feel like it'.

i'm not stealing that idea from her, since i would in no way be able to do it as well as she did. but i did think i should share two bitchin' blogs that i've been enjoying recently. i only wish i could draw half as well as annah can. it might liven up this drab, boring, type-y blog.

well, i can't draw, but i have kittehs:

for those of you who don't know, that's samantha, my youngest kitteh and most recent rescue. of course, we've had her four years now. she's all grown up, has little to no sense of smell, and had to have a tooth pulled a couple of years ago. strange, i know. sammy's an oriental shorthair mix, so she's talkative. not as vocal as a siamese, but she talks more than any other non-siamese cat i've met.

she also appears to have either thread or a bogey on her nose. honestly, it could be either. i sew at that table. if you look closely at the chair in front of her face, there's some hot pink thread.

anyway. you should googlebate, and share that word. remember, the only safe google is self google.

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