Wednesday, July 7, 2010

so what? sew buttons.

i have no hours this week. meaning, i was forgetful while in new york and didn't get online to pick my hours for work this week. so between monday and friday, i am/was scheduled for about 5 hours. i was also asked to help with showing n00bs that work with us how to do their jobs as well as i do. yes, you read that right. i rock the job i strongly dislike just that hard.

anyway. since i have all this unintentional down time, i was thinking there was some stuff i could get done around the house... like, i could caulk something. or spackle. or, um... you know, do other things. or i could sew.

guess what i chose. i will get around to the caulking/spackling/whatever. but until then, i'm sewing. i finished a macbook case for a friend in one day - how productive! of course, that's all i did all day. but whatever. (by the way, it was quite awesome and very well made, if i do say so myself.) i'm very comfortable with the design, and excited about making more since i think notebook cases will sell well on my website ( so i was in the sewing mood and decided to get started on a new hobo bag design.

bad idea.

it looks so cute! dia de los muertos body for the bag, hot pink contrast (yes, like that other hand bag i did, but a completely different design) and... three kinds of interfacing? well. it can't be that bad. so i started altering my pattern and cutting fabric out. and cutting interfacing out. and cutting more fabric out.

almost three hours later, i was just finishing cutting the fabric when awesome husband came home. i was shocked that it had taken me that long! i'm seriously hoping that this bag goes together faster than it took to just fucking prep the thing, otherwise it may not be worth it to make and sell them. ultimately, i'd like this whole 'making-awesome-things-and-selling-them-to-the-public' thing my actual job.

was the afternoon a total waste? no, it wasn't. but i was hoping to actually have something done. it's really frustrating when shit like that happens. so i decided that i wasn't going to cook dinner. we had to run to the store to pick up soda, i came home and put my comfy pants on, and ordered the bestest pizza in florida... dominos. i lie - there are better places, just not around me. and dominos delivers.

and then i was thinking... i used canvas for that notebook case. i wonder how cheap i can get half yards of canvas online. my local joann's has a good selection, but not GREAT as far as canvas and duck cloth are considered. so i went to etsy to see what people were selling...

oh. my. god. i don't know what is going on in japan, but i think i want what they are smoking. the fabric that is imported from japan that is being sold on etsy makes me want to do NOTHING but make computer cases with hedgehogs and piggies and hippos and strange little japanese dolls all over it. the only problem? many of the sellers are overseas. $8 for a half yard of canvas is a bit much on it's own, then when you add $6 for shipping, well... it becomes much too much. what's a girl to do?

start searching manically for canvas from other sellers and suppliers. and i did just that. for like three hours. and i came away with two half-yard choices that hopefully will be here in a week or so. that way i can make more computer cases. and hopefully people will buy them and love them.

and maybe, just maybe, i won't mind paying $16 a yard for RIDICULOUS canvas from japan.

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