Friday, July 2, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

i'll set the scene: friday night in florida. a quarter to eleven at night. awesome husband is lounging on the couch next to me, and just gave me a 'look' because he heard me start to type in earnest. i know that look. it means 'what the fuck are you doing? it's nearly eleven and it's bedtime. you better not be fucking blogging.'

hummmm.... sorry. i am.

or more accurately, i have a few random thoughts that i feel the need to share immediately. and what is the internet for, if not for immediate gratification?

1) i used to sell partylite candles. i have a fuckload of candles - a literal fuckload. i moved them with me from new york to florida and i rarely burn them. and they are old. i've had to throw some out since they don't smell anymore. so i'm trying to burn some every night. tonight i am burning cafe latte candles and i think they smell more like cocoa than coffee.

2) piglet has herpes. she is a special needs cat. i cannot get her to take the less expensive l-lysine supplement and now have to fork out double for the yummy crap. and the 'pricier' shit will still only cost me $7 a week. i'm that cheap. but i love my kittehs. i am ordering a month's supply this weekend.

3) we live in the lightening capital of the world - right outside orlando, fl. when you hear thunder, you know lightening isn't far behind. i hear thunder. i have already seen lightening. our vacationing neighbors visiting from england are IN THE POOL. this happens every week or so: new neighbors arrive (the house next door is a vacation rental) and these brits just chill in the pool (yes, even at 11pm). and they have NO IDEA that they should be no where near a pool during lightening. awesome husband and i alternately giggle about it and wonder whether we should say something. we never do.

4) i'm batshit crazy. you may have heard me say this before. i had a huge crash from my current manic phase today and had a strong desire to gouge my eyes out. instead, i went on yahoo answers and schooled people on proper cat and rodent care. did i waste over an hour that i'll never get back? yes. but both of my eyes are still intact.

5) the iphone is better then the droid. learn it, live it, love it. and get me an iphone.

6) i love to cook. really, i do. i have created great recipes for colombian inspired empanadas, a vegetarian pasta dish, chicken curry, scones, zucchini pizza, shepherd's pie, and arroz con pollo to name a few. sometimes i want to share them with everyone, and sometimes i don't want to give away my super secret special recipes because even more people will be better cooks than i am. i am next going to try and work on a recipe for avgolemono soup - or greek dishwater soup, as my father once so affectionately called it. it's effing delicious. maybe i'll share the recipe with you when i create it. maybe.

7) it is still thundering. the british vacationing neighbors (or 'neighbours' i suppose) are still jumping in the pool.

8) and while we're on the subject of vacationers down here: please shower before you go food shopping. i'd rather not smell your noxious body odors after you've traipsed around disney for 11 hours in the middle of the summer while i'm doing the weekly shopping. and please stay the fuck out of my way. all 8 of you do not need to jumble up in a group blocking the whole aisle to decide whether to get chips ahoy or oreos.

9) i was seriously going to post only about my neighbo(u)rs. i got carried away. awesome husband gave me a dirty look and went into the bedroom. after he finished sweeping all the bits of hair and cat litter that is on the bed (thanks, taylor), he left the light on, which is his way of saying 'hey, bitch - it's fucking bedtime. get the hell in here so you can turn out the light and go to sleep.'

part of me wants to tell him to turn the damn light off himself. but most of me thinks it's cute that he wants to wait for me to come to bed. so i'm going to go and turn off the light.

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