Wednesday, January 5, 2011

another one?

i was about to start writing a new blog.  i gots me another award, yo.  from semi true torystellar over at can u relate?.

but then i got distracted by itunes.  i'm streaming krock 2.  if you ever lived in the new york area, you'll remember how great krock was.  until it turned into z100.  well, krock 2 online is like krock used to be, minus some of the nirvana and add some emo.  fun.

however, i got horribly distracted by 'doll parts' by hole. 

it's over now, so i can continue with my life.  my new awared from torystellar is the irresistibly sweet blog award.  i think she might have consumed copious amounts of vodka before bestowing it on me, because i am not 'irresistibly sweet'.  but i never look a blog-awarding horse in the mouth.

i'm supposed to list five guilty pleasures and pass it on to three more.  i'll pass it on first.  i shall bestow this honorable blog award to...

-stephc over at seriously??... reeeally?..... seriously? because i love her canadian ways.
-nicki at the loaded handbag because i love her photos.  even though i can't believe she'd come to florida without visiting the mouse.
-kristine who does wait in the van because she's crazy.  and sweet.  and did i mention crazy?

now.  five guilty pleasures. 

this is hard.  because i don't really have 'guilty' anything.  no remorse, no regret. and the things i do feel guilty about aren't pleasurable.

but i guess i can try.. let's see... what might i be embarrased for you all to know... er....



well.  i like kesha. oh, i mean ke$ha.  i like lots of pop music.  i also like gangsta rap, yo.

i love twilight.  yes, the stupid vampire books.  i really like them.  like, i own them all and have seen all the movies.  and i guess it's a bit embarrassing.  but not really.  maybe a bit.

margaritas from chili's.  i know they're not the best, but i love the presidente margaritas at chili's.  i can drink them until i fall off the stool.  and i have before.  i think.

christmas music. hell, i don't even celebrate christmas as anything more than a traditional american familial holiday.  but i love christmas music.

tootsie rolls.  the teensy ones.  i'll include them as a guilty pleasure because i can't eat less than like fourteen at a time.  which defeats the purpose of tiny like 10 calorie tootsie roll snack time.

there you have it, folks.  i'd keep writing, but i have like the flu or something and feel like absolute shite.  so have fun and until then, keep your unit on you.


  1. congrats on the award, i think your blog is sweet, in weird way. :)

  2. Nope, no vodka involved. Well almost none. According to Mynx who awarded to Mrs. Hyde at A Bitch Called Mom, who we all know and love...the blog or blogger doesn't have to be sweet, just irresistable.

  3. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!

  4. steph, you rock.
    I think you are pretty sweet. Your honesty is sweet as in "that's sweet" (like, "really really great") and also because of your rawness and honesty.

    And we know husband loves to bang you, so you have irresistible down. (I covet that)

    Thanks for bestowing it upon me.

    The hard part for me will be limiting the guilty pleasures!

  5. Congrats on getting "the Pav". very well deserved.
    Tori is right, you just have to be irresitable, not always sweet.

  6. Congrats! Come hang your head in guilty shame with me, as I too love Ke$ha, gangsta rap and those damn Twilight books.


  7. Whenever I see Ke$ha, I wonder if one really can brush their teeth with a bottle of jack. And I love that she called Ryan Seacrest a douchebag on New Year's Eve. Well, she insinuated that he was a douchebag. Good girl, Ke$ha. Now give yourself a name that's less difficult to type.

    Congrats on your award and thanks so much for sharing it! I've occasionally seen this one going around and I've been eyeing it hungrily. Both literally and figuratively.

    As for FL and the great Mouse? No cash. I tried. Believe me, I tried. I was going to pawn some shit around my house to get there. Alas, it was not to be.

    Finally, we need to go get margaritas from Chili's sometime. I want to try them. And I also kinda want to reenact when Pam from the Office drinks too many and falls off her stool. Except minus the photocopying her driver's license and banning her from the restaurant part.

  8. yummmm margaritas. i know the bartenders, we won't get thrown out.

  9. I'm with you on all of those except for one: their tropical sunrise margaritas are even better...and they're so pretty! Haha. I've missed reading you. Sorry I've been such a horrible web-friend. I'm also really sorry about your mom. I'd say "I know how you feel" but I don't so that would be a lie. Hang in there. I'm sure things will get better.