Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i gots me another award.

i'm totes popular, yo.  another blog award?? yay!  from nicki over at the loaded handbag.  it's an award about stylin'. 

stylin' and profilin'
obvs i deserve it.  not sure why.  i'm not terrifically stylish.  i like to think i have my own ridiculous style.  like, i just ordered some really neat like knitted tights.  they're like flowers and stuff.  and i ordered a litle denim skirt to wear with them.  and a new belt. 

i told awesome husband i was going to start dressing like a hipster.  he said he'd leave me.

anyway.  i should probably pass this blog award on.  i want to give it to the barreness, but i know nicki already got her.  i'd like to give it to becky at steam me up kid because pickles and worm porn are ALWAYS stylish.  and i suppose lastly i want to give it up to god.  because, you know, without god, none of us would be here.

but truthishly, life has been full of the suck recently.  i have pills, which are nice.  but i've had the flu for like a week and a half and i'm afraid to eat tarzipan with cold medicine.  and i wake up during the night even with nyquil.  and my nose is all ouchy and raw from all the nose blowing.  and i kind of want to take my nose rings out for a while, but if i sleep with them out they holes might start closing up and that's just another issue.  and i want to move back to new york NOW so if you know anyone who wants to buy a house eight miles from animal kindgom let me know.  i mean, seriously.  14.4 miles as the crow flies between my house and cinderella's castle.

seriously, expect more dark and sad and annoying and boring posts soon.  i keep thinking that i want to blog about politics.  or the westboro baptist church.  or my cats.  or my new computer.  or my mom dying.  but in reality, i'm kind of hitting a wall with the blogging.  it's like i was out of it for so long (really only a few weeks) while my mom was sick and shit, and with all the traveling i've been doing.

i'll get back, i promish.  until then, why don't you all give me a topic to blog about.  maybe i'll pick like, i don't know, five and set up a poll or something and let you all vote on which one i'll blog about and the person who gives me the winning idea will get a prize?  sound interesting?

yes.  so seriously - give me ideas for blog posts.  whatever you want.  i'll figure out the specifics of the poll and contest, but leave your entry idea in the comment section and we'll get on with it.


  1. Congratulations on the award babes! And B just got B.O.N.ed today :) It's awesomeness.

    Kisses and of course I'll take tons of pictures. Except I'll have to cover B's face since she's anonymous and all *muah*

  2. i saw she got B.O.N.ed!! i'm jealous. i may have to start working on getting B.O.N.ed myself soon.

    you should draw a sexy face to put over b's face in all your pictures.

  3. How about:

    -Who would win in a fight between Team Edward and Team Other Guy I can't remember and am too lazy to look up even though it is on the tip of my tongue? Details. Rippling pecs. JACOB! It's Jacob!

    -Tell us about your mom if you are up for it. Strongest childhood memories.

    -Rate the level of douchiness of John C. Mayer, Kanye West, Drew Carey, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, and Cher. (Feel free to add, subtract or substitute).

    -What deceased celeb would you want to go out for dinner with, why, and what would you talk about?

    -Why is my vulva burning?

    -Tell us more about Solstice-related stuff, 'cause I know nothing about it and I think it is interesting from the little I have heard.

    How's that for a start? Any good?

  4. well, rating the douchiness of the stars you listed isn't hard. i tolerate john c. mayer because he has a great sense of humor, and i can't really hate cher because she's had such staying power.

    also, as far as your vulva burning? could be vulvodynia.

  5. I wanna live 8 miles from Animal Kingdom! I've never been to Disney World and that would just seriously rock...well, except for the really hot weather...I don't know if I could deal with that.