Sunday, January 23, 2011

a break from our reguarly scheduled melancholy

i was getting ready to write/post part three, which will probably be the most depressing thing yet.  sorry.  but it will be. 

instead, you're getting a treat. 

if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you might be familiar with the fact that i don't want kids.  and neither does awesome husband.  since my mother's death, i think some of us (pointed look towards awesome husband) have thought maybe they'd want to change their mind.  some of us may have been feeling like they need to share some extra love.  some of us might have been feeling like they wanted something of their own to love.

so awesome husband and i were running some errands today.  he wanted to pick up s dumbbell set, i wanted to get chipotle before i start my new stupid fucking diet lifestyle tomorrow.  there's a petco near chipotle, and we needed cat food so i was like 'let's stop there and buy some fucking cat food'.

like most weekends, they had a local rescue operation set up there adopting cats out.  we always stop and look, cooing at the teensy kittens and trying to coax the untrusting adults out of the corners of cages.  we argue about getting an orange cat, or a special needs cat, or a polydactyl cat.  and we walk away to complete our shopping. 

like most weekends, we stopped and looked at the beautiful long haired siblings who were white with black splotches and white with grey splotches.  we poked at the little long haired tabby who was hiding under her mat.  we called to the teenaged orange cat who steadfastly ignored us.

then awesome husband got to the last cage.  he called me over.  there were two tiny tabbys in this cage, one with lighter tan markings and one that almost looked like he was wearing a mask. we looked at them.  we spoke to the foster mom.  awesome husband wanted to hold one.  i liked the lighter colored one, but awesome husband pointed to the one with the mask-like markings.  they put him in my arms and he melted onto my chest.


then i handed the kitten to awesome husband.  now, he has always loved animals but never had cats growing up.  i tried to turn him into a cat person with my kittehs.  he always said he didn't want another cat, three was enough, hell TWO was enough for him.  but as i handed this kitten to awesome husband, and he looked down at this cat, well...

suddenly, he thought three cats was NOT enough.

our new tiny babeh kitteh

that's awesome husband's hand on the kitteh.  he weighs like four pounds.

i think i may have finally turned him into a cat person.


  1. One bonafide cat person to another, these little critters are so adorable and bring more joy into our lives than we ever imagine. I had a grey tabby like this one years ago, memories of her still get me misty-eyed...

  2. Congrats on the addition to your family... hopefully 4 cats are enough - we don't want to end up seeing you guys on some cable TV reality show!


  3. oh maaaaan. So. so. so adorable. *long-distance kitteh squish*

    awesome roommate and I kind of want another kitten but we keep going "doesn't that make us crazy cat ladies?" ... however your pictures make my soul hurt <3

  4. A man who wants a fourth cat? I'd say you hit the jackpot! And what a cutie that kitty is.

  5. Awesome! He should probably be called "Even-Awesomer-Husband", gramatically correct or not!

    I seriously and intensely broached the subject of a new puppy for my aching and depressed heart, and BF put his foot down faster than a cowboy at a hoe-down.

    I am in infinite envy of your new loveable furball.

    Enjoy it steph!

    Did you name it?

  6. he has no name yet. we generally hang out with a new pet for a while to see what their personality is like before naming them.

  7. That's cute :)

  8. I'm still voting for < Jake.....just MHO. I love the sweet babeh kitteh. Now I wants a babeh kitteh. Darling Husband still says 'no'. 'Specially since we're going cross country. Maybe in the new place....*evil grin*

  9. i am tucker. i am a puppy. i love little kitties, but they do not love me...daddy says your babeh kitteh is cute, but i do not know what a kitteh is. cuz i am a puppy.

    have fun with you new affition to tha fam!

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