Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy bloggiversary to me!

it appears that, unbeknownst to me, my six month bloggiversary passed recently. 

not sure why this matters, but i know the barreness celebrated hers recently too.  so i want in on that.

in other news, samantha jumped off my shoulder and missed the couch.  or missed the floor by catching her hind leg on the couch.  and now has torn ligaments around her babeh kitteh kneecap :/  she's getting anti-inflammatory medication for now, and in about two weeks if it's not healed, she might need surgery :( :( :(

what else, what else...  oh, i'm sure i'll get around to that next post in the tale of my life changing, as it were.  but i've also started my next block of classes in school, intro to psych and critical thinking.  and i received my grades from my last two classes, eng/102 and computer information - both 'A's.  which means i'm running a cool 4.0 at this point.  i'm hoping to keep it there.  i know, it seems ridiculous to strive for perfection or near-perfection, but if you don't aim for the stars, what's the point?

holy fuck, i can't believe i just wrote that.

also also, i'm on day like two? three? of a 'lifestyle change' (not diet).  when i went to the doctor for my cold, he pointed out that my blood pressure was up.  there could be numerous reasons: i was anxious being at the doctor's office.  i had been taking cough medicine.  pristiq CAN affect blood pressure.  and there is no way in HELL that i'm giving up my delicious, square, pinkish happy pill.  so, i figured i should like work out and eat better and lose some weight or what not.  and i got big girl yoga!!  dvd just came in the mail today.  i can't really get 'regular' yoga, because there's no place to put my tits during some poses.  seriously.  this dvd is yoga like modified for overweight and obese people, and i'm actually really superexcited about it.  i'm absolutely sure you'll hear all about it.

until then, keep your unit on you.

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  1. I'm really happy that you're working on lifestyle changes and on classes. The betterment of the self is always a beautiful thing. Fuck yeah I wrote that corny ass line.

    Hope you're doing wonderful and yay for half a year of bloggy blogging! :) *muah*