Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sorry, no witty titles today. but i did get another award.

as usual, i have a BILLION ideas for blog posts that i never do.  i mean, what's the point of me blogging about something that was in the news and relevant weeks ago?  so i'm not going to talk about that mommy blogger who was getting shit from other moms for letting her son dress up as daphne for halloween.

because, honestly?  he rocked that wig.  and WHO THE FUCK CARES??!  it's halloween.  if little girls want to dress up as 'traditionally' boy things, no one minds.  double standard.  stupid crap.


so then i was like 'omg i should blog about my new classes' which are english 102 and cis 105, which apparently is like computer information science or something?  but the practical upshot of that class is that we learn how a computer works.

seriously.  like word processors and operating systems.  and how they work.  and i kind of spent two and a half years working in the consumer electronics field.  like selling computers.  and am more geeky and familiar with both macs and pc's than i care to admit.  so that should be SUPERFUN.

and we write another essay thing in my eng102 class.  2000-2500 words this time, and a persuasive essay.  i'm contemplating writing on legalization of marijuana.  it's supposed to be something that is like current and shit.  and our choices for topics are things like 'colonization', 'drugs', 'identity', 'war',  and 'culture'.  so i've been trying to find something that i can argue successfully that is current and interesting and shit.  i was thinking about branching 'identity' out to gender identity and talking about gays somehow.  or branching out 'culture' to somehow talk about how freedom of religion isn't really free.

but then i realized i'm pretty close to those two 'arguments' and might not be the best candidate for arguing them without bias.

and i made a new bag for my website.  which probably will sell as well as the others, which is NOT AT ALL.  i mean, the holidays are coming up so i'm hoping to get some orders.  but we'll see.  i'm probably going to sew a lot for holiday gifts this year.  but i can't give EVERYONE a fucking computer case (you can check out my shit here if you're really interested, but don't feel obligated because this blog is not about me selling my shit, it's about my venting my spleen).

and then tonight i start my new class for this new job.  it looks like i actually have to take the class to learn how to be a customer service rep for the company and then i'll learn about being a facilitator and helping other agents.  i also signed up my first agent under my corporation, so i'm growing that as well.  i'd like to get a small group of us together where we really lift each other up and support our business.  instead of me making money off of them, like many of the other corporations do in my industry.

and mom is in new york for another job interview.  with a cable company.  and it would be nice if she got it because then, hello, free cable/phone/internet when we move to new york.  but i'll be happy as long as she has a job that she's happy with.  she isn't really 100% cut out for working from home.  she's done it for a couple of years and excelled at it, but she'd prefer a more traditional office environment.  on the other hand, i love it.  i love working from home, not having anyone stand over my shoulder, setting my own schedule, all of it.

finally, i was bestowed another award by semi true torystellar at can u relate?.  it has cupcakes on it.  which means i now want to bake and eat cupcakes.  hmm... that is a good idea of what i can do today.

you can see it on my RESPEK KNUCKLES page.  i don't know that there were rules with this one.  i'ma be a greedy bitch today and keep it for myself.

that's right.  i'm not passing this cupcakey blog award on.  suck it.  it's mine now.


  1. Upon first glance, I thought your title said, "no witty titties." I guess we know where my head is. Anyway, this might be a stupid question, but what kind of corporation/business do you own/run from home? I'm relatively new to your blog and I thought asking would be quicker than going back through all your posts. Although, I'll probably wind up doing that anyway as I am impatient.

    Love the cupcakes. Congrats!

  2. Okay, I just noticed the link embedded in the post. Don't mind me. I have four kids and not a drop of alcohol.

  3. @mrs. hyde- after i posted this, i was looking at the title and also thought i saw 'witty titties'. so i actually confused myself.

    as far as my business, i not only design and create bags, totes, purses, etc. but i work with a homeshoring company called arise. they contract with fortune 500 companies to provide customer service and sales support from home based agents like myself :D

  4. Congratulations! And good luck with that paper. Thankfully I have to turn in my research paper for English tomorrow and finally be done with it!


  5. I've never worked for Arise (I think I've applied before, though), but I have worked for West and LiveOps. I'm still on the payroll for West (they used to do the Independent Contractor thing, then they changed it so that you're an employee), but I haven't actually worked for them for awhile. My kids keep fucking up my computers, so now all I have is my laptop which you can't use to work for them.

  6. i kind of like the independent contractor thing. it's daunting at first, and tax time is a bit of a bitch. i had a love/hate relationship with my last position with arise, doing sales in a chat environment, for many, many reasons. i haven't worked since late july, so i'm happy to get back into it.

    i also finally got rid of one computer. which means i have two in my office. and one laptop.