Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's not my fault i'm so full of the AWESOME

that's right, bitches.  i won another blog award.  here it is:

boo yah, sir.  boo yah.
this was bestowed upon me by semi true torystellar over at can u relate?  i'm supposed to list ten superhonest things about myself and to tell you the truth, i'm really pissed off right now because i worked superhard on it and blogger fucked me right up the ass and it's all gone now.  it's impossible to capture lightening like that twice, so this is probably going to be subpar and less awesome and i'm going to be angry and pissy and whatever.


  1. in my mind, the barreness looks like nigella lawson.  i have an unhealthy borderline obsession with nigella, to the point where i cannot watch her cooking shows.  and since the lovely barreness speaks her mind on her anonymous blog about sexy things and naughty bits, it's only natural that i have developed an unhealthy borderline obsessive blog crush on her.
  2. i spent more time than i'd like to admit geeking out and being in an online roleplaying wrestling federation.  that's right.  i made my own character and we'd write out promos and other more talented people would write out entire shows, complete with my character kicking guy's asses.  or having sex with them.  whatever.  geektastic.
  3. i ate awesome husband's ding dong.  OMGGETYOURMINDOUTOFTHEGUTTER.  he has a box of ding dongs in the pantry and i just ate one because they are delicious.  you cheeky minxes.
  4. i had my first serious crush on a girl on someone i'd known for years who may or may not be reading this blog right now.  no questions, please.  i won't tell you who it is so don't ask.  i like to keep you all quivering with antici........pation.
  5. all i can think about now is how proud i was of my first list of ten superhonest things about myself, and how fucking pissed off i am that i lost it.  and i can't think of more honest things to say or remember what was on the first list.
  6. i still pick my nose.  i'll own up to it.  i also have both nostrils pierced, so i think that entitles me to digging around in there.  i don't do it in front of company, though.  or at least, i try not to.
  7. i am harder on myself than other people are on me.  and while i think that's true for a lot of people, i go a step further because i think that some people expect less from me because i'm crazy, so i push myself even harder.
  8. i make people laugh.
  9. i make people cry.
  10. on good days, i think i'm a pretty rad person.  i've gone through a lot of shit and horribleness and terrible things to get here, and i think i turned out good.  i know i have even more shit to go through, but if i didn't go through what i've gone through, i'd be less of a person than i am now.  if that makes sense.
now i suppose it's time for me to pass this award on to some blogs i like.  i'm giving it to three people today, because i like the number three.

firstly is the barreness at hello, sailor.  she's supersuperhonest on her anonymous blog, as well as a bit naughty at times.  but i have to admire that kind of forthrightness.

second i'll share it with nicki at the loaded handbag because she is honest and her blog makes me think sometimes, but she's still funny and quirky and awesome.

and finally i'm passing this one on to stephaniec who writes seriously?? reeeally? seriously?.  not only is she honest with us, but i think stephc is pretty honest with herself on that blog.  plus?  she has THE BEST NAME.

now i'm going to go find something to eat and obsessively check to see if my eng101 grade has been posted yet.  steph gas, over and out.


  1. Congrats!! I follow everyone you passed it onto and they really are great blogs! Good picks!

  2. You deserve all the awards you get and then some :)

    I love Miss Barreness as well. And ding dongs. And also, picking my nose (as long as it's in private and not in a public place like my car). That's totally embarrassing if you get caught.

  3. Congrats and I hate it when that happens! That's why whenever I have a break I make sure to save my work on the back up draft thingy


    Any time I get lumped into any category with the Barreness I do lopsided backflips. That's not an insult to B, I just can't do backflips. I can't really do anything with "flip" in the title. Except catch you on the flip side. So. There's that.

    AND YOUR BLOG is one of the most honest I read, and I LOVE that. So your award is DEFINITELY deserved.

    p.s. you're damn right you're a rad person.

  5. Congrats on your award! I'm in good company. I haven't done my ten honest things yet because I can never think of anything to say about myself that I think people want to know. Oh well, I'll get around to it eventually.

  6. Holy shitballs... I am truly super duper happy! You just made my day! Thanks very much for the shout out. And your name is pretty damn awesome, too!

    I love your honesty, and your sex talk. BF prohibits me from sex talk (plus his aunt and cousin follow me).

    You rawk girl, and sorry that you lost your last post. That shit pisses me off to no end!! (I just posted about my hate for Blogger the other day, the bastards!)

    I also hear Ali G every time I see your RESPEK KNUCKLES! page and I giggle. Yes, giggle.

    p.s. I'm the chick from in case other readers just thought I was a rambling nutbar. Well... wait.. I am that, too...

  7. @jumblemash- thanks :D

    @annah- i had a feeling you'd like ding dongs.

    @adorkable- from now on, i will be writing my blogs in like word or whatever and THEN posting it to blogger.

    @nicki- we're both awesome. you take better pictures than i do, though. i can't do any kind of flip either, unless it's flipping my hair.

    @mrs. hyde- i don't really care what people want to know about me anymore. i just share. or overshare, i suppose, depending on your point of view.

    @stephc - while i know who ali g is, i don't know how he relates to respek knuckles, sadly. i stole it from sealab 2021 because i'm 30 years old and obsessed with cartoons. i'm actually about to put on some family guy when i go to bed. maybe venture bros. hmm...

  8. Congrats on the award, I got one too yay. And thankyou for the blog recommendations. Now I have a new one to stalk :)

  9. You can hear it quick near the beginning. You must educate yourself on Ali G. He brings out the social awkward in everyone.

    (He is also Borat and the Austrian Fashion Guy)